Day Trips to the Oriental Theatre


UPDATE: Taking the lead from city and state health authorities, our 2020-21 Milwaukee Film education screenings will take place virtually!



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About our Education Screenings:

Through Milwaukee Film's education screenings program, local students take a day trip to the Oriental Theatre. The students experience a historic cinema, view a high-quality film, and join other students from the community to engage in thought-provoking, curriculum-based activities and discussions. We also provide participating teachers with curriculum packets that indicate the Common Core State Standards our screenings and activities meet.

Previous screenings have included the documentaries T-Rex, The Blood is at the Doorstep, and Supergirl, and, on occasion, we've been able to bring in a film professional or guest to supplement the screening and subsequent discussion.

In the past, our education screenings have been limited to festival season, but with Milwaukee Film operating the Oriental Theatre year-round, we have expanded this program to serve students throughout the academic year. 

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Fast Facts: Education Screenings

Who is eligible for Education Screenings?

Milwaukee Film’s Education Screenings are open to grade bands 1st–3rd, 4th–6th, 6th–8th, and 9th–12th for schools in the Greater Milwaukee area.

How much do Education Screenings cost?

Tickets are only $1 per student, with the funds helping to cover bandwidth charges for our platform, with scholarships potentially available during the reservation process.

When and where are the screenings?

With the festival being entirely virtual this year, it affords us schedule flexibility beyond the specific dates of the festival, and to accommodate both synchronous and asynchronous teaching with these films. Fill out our reservation form, and we'll work with you to find the best fit for your Education Screening!

Do Education Screenings take place only during the Milwaukee Film Festival?

In the past, our Education Screenings program has been limited to festival season, but now that Milwaukee Film operates the Oriental Theatre year-round,  we have expanded our Education Screenings program to serve even more students in a given year!


Will year-round Education Screenings be identical to festival season offerings?

Year-round Education Screenings may be encore screenings of festival films or new selections. They’ll still come with curriculum packets and be high-quality, educationally engaging films!

Some of the screening dates are wait-listed. Does that mean I should no longer sign up?

8/20 UPDATE: With our virtual screenings, there is no limit on the amount of students we can accommodate for a given film experience - there will be no wait-listing, all reservations will be served!


As we receive reservations for the festival screening dates, we will indicate which screenings are wait-list only  below. Please do not hesitate to sign up to be on our wait-list as it will become active as student numbers become more solid and as groups adjust their reservations! When films are announced in late August, you’ll be asked to confirm your reservation.

When are education screenings in 2020, and which dates serve which grade bands?

The 2020 Milwaukee Film Festival takes place Oct. 15-29. However, our virtual screenings have granted some schedule flexibility beyond the specific dates of the festival, accommodating both synchronous and asynchronous teaching with these films.

When are additional screening dates in 2020?
Can we access curriculum packets after the screenings?

Yes! We have a an archive of all of our Education Screenings curriculum packets to date here. Feel free to adapt these for use in your learning environments as you see fit!